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WLP Scorecard Overview

What is the WLP Scorecard?

The WLP Scorecard is an online real-time benchmarking and decision support tool that allows organizations to
monitor and benchmark a broad range of learning function financial, operations, customer, and innovation indicators
customize reports with subsets of organizations and indicators
compare the alignment, efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability of an enterprise learning function, as well as the overall quality of the learning function, with other organizations
diagnose strengths and weaknesses in variables that affect alignment, efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability
perform sensitivity analysis to see potential effects of adjustments to multiple variables on alignment, efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability
make decisions about all aspects of learning, including investments, staffing, processes, and the type and amount of formal and work-based learning opportunities to provide

Levels of Use The WLP Scorecard has three levels of use
State of the Industry  (Free) Requires data input on a small set of indicators, allows reporting based on which metrics you supply
WLP Scorecard   (Subscription) Full access to WLP Scorecard reports including customization by type and size of organization, trend reporting and WLP Index Reports
ASTD Benchmarking Forum  Access to organization level data for Forum member organizations

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Access Access is provided through ASTD.org's single sign-on system. Organizations may designate anyone access to their account provided each person has an ASTD.org account.

Confidentiality All data are kept strictly confidential. Users will only see their own data as well as summary statistics for comparison groups. The ASTD Benchmarking Forum confidentiality agreement covers ASTD Benchmarking Forum members’ access to organization-specific data.

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