BEST     2014 ASTD BEST Awards Application 
About this application

The application for the ASTD BEST Awards utilizes the WLP Scorecard to collect information for Part 1 of the application.

If you have a WLP Scorecard account, information will be pulled from your WLP Scorecard account into Part 1 of the application. Also, updating Part 1 of this application will update your entry in the WLP Scorecard.

If you do not have a WLP Scorecard account, one will be created for you by the application and you will be able to access it immediately following registration. To learn more about the WLP Scorecard, click here.

You must sign in or register at the ASTD website to complete this application. To continue, click here.

Your data will be saved whenever you click on one of the Back or Next buttons, or click one of the navigation links on the left-hand side.

Deadline for completion is April 16, 2014.
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