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WLP Scorecard Features

Comparison of Features

Feature State of the Industry (Free) WLP Scorecard (Subscription) ASTD Forum
Input Data (All Inputs) X X X
Save and Reuse Data X X X
Basic Scorecard Reports X X X
Comprehensive Scorecard Reports   X X
Customized Scorecard Reports   X X
Scorecard Trend Reports   X X
Subunit Reporting   X X
Index Scores   X X
Diagnostic Index Reports   X X
Sensitivity Analysis   X X
Custom Reports by Organization     X
Price FREE $995.00 Forum

State of the Industry
(Level 1 - Free)
This is the most basic level of access to the WLP Scorecard. Users with free access have access to all inputs in the WLP Scorecard and receive Scorecard Reports showing the indicators for which they input data.

Registration for WLP Scorecard State of the Industry Access (Level 1) is FREE. To register for a free WLP Scorecard account, click here.

WLP Scorecard
(Level 2)
Users with a WLP Scorecard subscription have access to all inputs and indicators in the WLP Scorecard. Users at this subscription level receive access to full Scorecard Reports and the ability to customize reports by organization type, size, industry, and region, as well as access to diagnostic Index reports that show all indicators that pertain to each index score. WLP Scorecard subscribes can also perform sensitivity analyses, showing what affect changes in individual indicators may have on their overall score. To view a sample demonstration of an Index Report, click here.

The subscription cost for WLP Scorecard Subscription access (Level 2) is $995.00. To subscribe to the WLP Scorecard, click here.

ASTD Forum As part of their membership in the ASTD Forum, members receive full access to the WLP Scorecard as well as expanded features, such as the ability to generate organization-by-organization reports. Membership in the ASTD Forum is attained through an application and screening process. If you would like to learn more about the ASTD Forum, click here.

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