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Note: This Index Report is a sample and does not reflect all Alignment indicators or the actual formula for the Alignment score, nor does it contain actual data from any organization or aggregation of organizations.

Current New
Indicator Your Value WLP Elite Value WLP IndicatorWatch Change Your Score
Individual and Organization Goal Linkage 9 8.5
Individual Performance Goals 68% 92.2%
Individual Learning Plans 75% 86.4%
Alignment of Individual Performance Goals and Learning Plans 7.8 7.9
Job Competency Documentation 78% 81.3%
Integration with Business Planning 3 7.7
Unplanned Learning Expenditure 0.65% 9.09%
Customization of Formal Content 80% 70.5%
Employee Satisfaction with Learning Opportunities 7.2 8.9
C-Level Satisfaction 6.3 7.6

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